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Mehveş Demiren spent a period of nearly four years of uncertainty and lack of artistic activity, which concluded with the passing of her spouse. This loss marked a major milestone in her art and triggered an artistic process that was physically exhausting and arduous. 1314 is the product of a tiring and monotonous production process. Physical exhaustion has alleviated melancholy caused by past events and has become a medium of spiritual healing. Symbolically representing a dense melancholy, this work reveals the emotional transformation of the artist throughout this period. In a way 1314 is the logbook of Demiren’s inner journey. This is a performance that repeats itself throughout the journey, gaining meaning with colours and forcing the limits of the body. 

1314, which has given its name to Mehveş Demiren’s solo exhibition, is a ceramic work comprising 41 different hues manifesting themselves on the surfaces of 1314 rosettes. The 41 colours the artist has chosen for the surfaces can be read as symbols of vital transformation. Each rosette represents one day spent, while the pieces are tied to each other with wires and make the work an abstract and complete diary. The different hues and colours of the rosettes in the work express the emotional accumulation left by the period experienced by the artist. Each day can be perceived as both separate and unique, but also as part of a whole. 

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